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Latest releases - the complete CD list by Tomas Weiss is available via www.el-culto.com
Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos

"Zeitlos" is a pure ambient album by Tomas Weiss - minimal but highly emotional drones to rich walls of sound, each title consists of subtle movements embedded in a colourful bed of several tone layers. Tomas' aim was to create an exceptionally warm-sounding album you can repeatedly listen to in situations requiring a "mental calmness" without cold / noisy tones or a harsh overall sound...
Nautic Depths - Elsewhere I

"Elsewhere I" is the deepest and most colourful album by Nautic Depths so far. A feeling of moving out of reality and physical focus with a sense of being "Elsewhere" - like an emotional journey to known, but also new and free places. "Elsewhere I" is particularly inspired by these mind-based territories we can only reach through our imagination...see you Elsewhere!
Nautic Depths - Submental Vol 1

Nautic Depths is back with a massive album for our new Submental Series. For Volume 1, Nautic Depths created a pure, blissful and uninterupted journey, characterized by huge inner depths. The richness of details in combination with the "timeless feel" and flowing nature of the music make this album eminently suitable for recurring immersion...